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‘Life is Good’ is my motto

So, my name is Baptiste, and it is said Batist (Bah-tist), but you can say it the way you want. I was born in Bayonne in the South West of France, and I grew up in that same region, in the Bordeaux country-side. When I was 14, I moved to the city, and even though it was very hard for me at the time to leave the country-side and my home and all I knew, it is also part of the things that started my wandering around the planet. I am a traveler and an adventurer. I traveled within France with my parents a lot, and twice outside of the country (Greece and Tunisia). I mostly traveled by myself, though, starting with England at the age of 14.

I first came to the United States in 2006. I was doing an exchange year in an American high school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and I fell in love with this country. Back in France in 2007, I finished lycée (French high school) and went to college in the middle of nowhere in Auvergne, the French volcanic range —just for the sake of exploring an unknown region. Anyway, I came back three times to America after my year in Pennsylvania: once for a summer travel across the US, once for a year in Edina, Minnesota, where I was a teacher intern/assistant in a French immersion elementary school, and this year to come at WU.  I am a senior English major and here for the full year. I want to do my graduate studies in the United States, so I might end up staying here for longer than a year.

I want to be a teacher. I don’t know yet whether I want to teach English (in a non-English-speaking country) or French (in the US for example), but I want to teach —at least for some years.

My other interests include writing, reading, cooking and baking (I even have a website where I put all my recipes with pictures, check it out: www.cuisine-de-reve.com ), and the outdoors. I am in love with hiking, backpacking, canoeing, nature, etc. This love for the outdoors comes from my love for adventure and exploration, I guess —or it’s the other way around. It is also a reason why I am environment-concerned and make a point of spreading sustainable practices, from organic farming (and gardening your own food actually) to less wasteful habits, and talking to people about permaculture, and many other things.

I am also an optimist and believe in the good nature of human beings, and I think we should always look at the good side of every minutes of our lives —not meaning that one should be in denial, and definitely meaning that you also make life what you want it to be, and therefore that you just have to decide to make your life good for it to be good.

And this will be the way for me to end this first entry the way I end many of my emails and letters, with my very simple but good motto: Life is Good, this is why we’re alive.

Baptiste Delvallé

PS: if you are yourself adventurous a traveler, you probably know about couchsurfing. If you don’t know about it and that you want to travel cheap and meeting locals rather than ho(s)tel clerks, check it out! It’s a network/website where you can find people who will host you for free all around the world, and you can host people too (but you don’t have too). And it’s entirely free, and really safe. http://www.couchsurfing.org/

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