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Go Green, Live Rich


As a person who loves taking pictures everywhere, since I came here two months ago I’ve found that all the pictures here are so clear, bright and colorful. They’re totally different from those I took in China. Every time I try to Photoshop those pictures of my country, I feel a little bit guilty because it’s not the real China. I think my country is one that should be saved by the green movement.

We use the phrase “people mountain people sea” to describe the scenes can be seen in anywhere in China. Because of our huge population, environmental problems seem to be getting more and more serious and difficult to control.

Here’s a example: the chopsticks. There are numerous restaurants in China, and almost every single one provides disposable chopsticks for the customers. I cannot imagine how many trees are used for making this kind of thing, but obviously it’s A LOT!  Things like that are the main reason for the serious pollution problem in China. Below is a picture of reusable chopsticks that are available in some stores.

I saw some words that impressed me a lot: “There are three things that are most valuable in the world: sunshine, air and water. We enjoy them for free, but it seems like people don’t notice that.”

Fortunately, now more and more people in China, especially the young people, are aware of the importance of environmental protection. Without the traditional values, the young people are quicker to accept new things and willing to learn to do good for their own country. Like some of my friends, when we go out for dinner, or just have lunch in the cafeteria on campus, they will take their own chopsticks which can be washed and reused. I think that’s a wonderful idea. Although it’s a small action for saving the earth, it still helps.

The Chinese government is also taking actions for the green movement. The most effective one so far, I think, has been the “Ban on free plastic bags”. Previously when people went shopping, the plastic bags were all free for customers. Although the bags can be reuse as garbage bags, it can still lead to “white pollution”. From June 1st of 2008, all the supermarkets, malls and markets cannot provide free plastic bags. People must now pay different prices according to different sizes to get the bags they need.

When we do something for the earth it’s not just for the earth, but also for ourselves. And all of us, not just “someone”, are responsible for doing something. Don’t forget the three most expensive things that we can use at anytime we want.  We cannot lose them, otherwise they will never come back again.

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