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What is the sustainable Green movement?


These says, we are trying to save and protect the environment all around the world.  There are many campaigns to live sustainably and preserve the environment in Japan as well.  I would like to tell you about some things being done by many citizens in Japan.

1. Garbage Separating System

In Japan, when we take the garbage out, we have to pay attention to whether it is combustible garbage day, burnable garbage day or PET bottle day and so on…  If we put out the wrong type of garbage for that day, it will not be taken away.  This means that we have to take it back home and wait until the next correct day, if we don’t have dust box or storage for garbage.  This is how we separate the garbage (from official homepage of TSUSHIMA CITY http://www.city.tsushima.lg.jp/index.php?oid=1100&dtype=1013&pid=284).

This very specific system of separating garbage is in place to assure that we reuse or recycle as much as possible and don’t waste too much.

2. ECO bag

Recently, many supermarkets have started charging customers for plastic bags.  So most people have their own ECO bag or basket from the supermarket.
These bags have been getting popular and there are now many different kinds.

Eco Bag

More Eco Bag Pictures

3. Green curtain

The green curtain exploded in popularity this summer.  This is for saving energy.  If we set the green curtain outside of window which gets sunshine a lot, it helps to keep the house cool inside without air conditioning.  Additionally, if you use some vegetables for the green curtain, you will be able to get eat them in the late summer!!  The popular items for green curtain are cucumber, bitter gourd, morning glory and so on.

Green Curtain Pictures

Those are just a few little Green movements being done by citizens in Japan.

These movements are very acceptable and simple actions that people can take, which is why they are so popular.  I think that the simplest actions are the best to consider in the sustainability movement.

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