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Archive for November 22nd, 2011

Social Lives »

Ever wondered about social life in other countries? This time we asked our contributors to write about the differences in social life in their countries. Read on to learn about customs regarding eating meals, family life, student life and more in Germany, Spain, Colombia, Japan, France, and China.

“Different countries, different habits?!” »

“Different countries, different habits“ is a saying that we have in Germany. But I found that you have similar sayings in English as well. This might already indicate that there are of course also many similarities between German and American social life.

What I Do »

Social life in Colombia is not very different from the way it is here. I mean, most of the activities I do back home with my friends and family are pretty much the same I can do here except for a couple of things. Among other differences, I would say the schedules for the food […]

Cats are not the only ones with several lives… »

With this issue on social life in France, there are so many things I want to tell you about that I know I will forget some of them along the way. I want to speak about chameleons, cats, bubbles, about mirrors leading to other worlds, and about a thousand other things that are important to […]

España con Amigos »

Whenever I think of what it is that makes my life back home feel special and important to me, there is one image that immediately comes to my mind: that of me with friends and family spending some quality time together. Whether it be pouring as heavily as in the worst day of winter or […]

What kind of things are Japanese people using in social life? »

I want to share the things that Japanese people often use in their social life.  Of course we use many things that are the same that you use in your country.  This time, I will tell you about three things: Japanese cell phones, trains, and vending machines.

The Typical Life in China »

This topic make me a little bit homesick, but all I miss are my dear family and lovely friends, not the busy life there. And at the same time, I feel so lucky to get the chance to be here and to enjoy a completely different and relaxed life. But now, let’s talk about the typical life of Chinese people.