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The Typical Life in China

This topic make me a little bit homesick, but all I miss are my dear family and lovely friends, not the busy life there. And at the same time, I feel so lucky to get the chance to be here and to enjoy a completely different and relaxed life. But now, let’s talk about the typical life of Chinese people.

The very first thing that I want to say is the FOOD. Don’t laugh at me, this is me. I think no matter which part of China people come from, they all have a great passion about the food, the food they eat everyday or all the famous food of the  tourist cities. “Breakfast like the king’s, lunch is like every man’s, and dinner’s like the poor’s.” This shows the basic rule for Chinese people that how to have the three meals in different amount, that is: the breakfast should be nutritive, the lunch should be enough and good, the dinner should be less. It’s so different from America where people always have so many kinds of attractive food in dinner; I would feel guilty if  I got too much. But sometimes, like my family, my parents worked all day and cannot have a nice homemade lunch, so to prepare a wonderful dinner and get together to enjoy it or talk about what happened in the day is the best part of the whole day I think. I found a picture of mine which is the delicious shrimp cooked with green pepper and garlic, I made it before I came here, now I’m missing it again.Click here to check my food blog in China.

the microblog in china

After the amazing meals, here comes the leisure time. Something I really want to say is that American people like to utilize email to contact with family, friends and colleagues, and to get information from teachers, the big shops and some social departments etc. At the same time, there are parties showing everyday and everywhere, and people are crazy about that. This is the life style of USA, which gave me a fresh culture shock before I got used to it.  In China, some of the young people, like me, use some different communication tools on the Internet, like QQ or Sina microblog to keep in touch with people. For the party, maybe we just hang out with best friends to have some dinner or find a quiet place to drink some soft drink and chat a little bit. I believe that most people are enjoying their leisure time to be quiet and comfortable, then they could have a real talk with each other about the life, the relationships or just to express how much they missed each other.

Another difference: messages. Chinese people like sending messages instead of calling. According to the data, the amount of the texts in China  is 2,300,000,000,000 in 2010. Crazy right? Maybe it’s a special way for Chinese people- those who were not willing to say or show their feelings directly.

Since I’m still a student, I know less about the work things. All I already know is that Chinese people work a lot, even after the 8 hours working time. They work hard in case they will be fired by the employers. Now jobs are a precious thing around the whole world, and China is no exception. For the billions of graduated students, to pursue a reasonable job will fulfill their life after they graduate from the universities.

It seems like I love the food part more than others. It doesn’t matter, life is life, it’s hard to show every single detail at just one time, maybe later, I will show you some more fantastic parts of the daily life of Chinese people, and I hope that will be a fresh and real China in your eyes.

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