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Last Issue of 2011! »

Greetings from the World News Editors! We’re getting ready to wrap up the year, here’s your chance to read up on 10 things you probably didn’t know about different countries abroad! Check out some random facts about France, Colombia, China, Japan, Germany, and Spain!

Diez datos »

Thinking of 10 specific things I want to tell Willamette about my country seemed an easy task at first. But now, hands on the keyboard, trying to come up with a list that makes sense doesn’t seem that easy. Also, I’ve been thinking that even when our reality is constantly permeated by sad or violent […]

Ten things about France »



For this topic, I asked my friends for help, but I think nobody got the point of “ten things in your country”. Someone gave me the advice of talking about some events that happened in China recently, but I think people could get all of them from newspapers or Internet as China has became a […]

Spain in 10 snapshots »

Are you one of those who, in reading our posts, often find their expectations shattered by the way in which strange bits of info never make it into our blog entries? Are you one of those who often give up and get bored with long pieces of reading that reveal too much information about just […]

10 Things about my Germany »

In this last article of the semester I want to share 10 things about my country with you.

10 random things about France »

The French republic has changed its constitutions 5 times. Each time the constitution changed, the republic changed too. France is therefore in its 5th republic. The current constitution was put into effect in 1958. The 10 biggest cities in France, in terms of population, are Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille. […]

What are 10 things about Japan for you? »

The first thing that comes readily to mind when I think of Japan is its seasons.  There are many countries that have 4 seasons.  But I think that Japan is a country in which more people recognize and live daily life in accordance with the seasons.  I would like to tell you about events that […]