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The first winter away from China

Hi, all!!!

How was your break? I just want to say that mine was Great~!!! After this trip, I fell in love with another city–San Francisco!!! Here I’m gonna show you some of my pictures of California, if you want me to say something about this trip, it need a lot of words…..

The first day in California, I went to silicon valley with my friend. Luckily, I got a chance to get into the building of Yahoo! It was exciting to be there although I’m not a person who really knows science and technological things.

And the rest of the two days in San Francisco, I was shown around the downtown area, the weather was perfect for a tourist, like me, to see the Golden Gate Bridge, and I like it!!!

And then, everywhere in this beautiful city……

was so nice……

including China Town……

The third day, we went to Yosemite National Park, cold but very nice……

The trip ended in LA, of course, Hollywood!!! Finally I had a picture with Jacky Chan……..’s star there.

But at the same time, how was the life of my friends in China? The answer may be the same for all the students who have a winter break, that is to prepare for the Chinese New Year and have fun after a long semester, but usually, the beginning of the holiday depends on when the Spring Festival will be, more or less we’ll get one month for winter break. For working people, normally they will get a 7-day break for the Chinese New Year.

Because Chinese New Year is like the Christmas in the West, instead of traveling around, people always go back home and enjoy their time gathering together. It’s the best time of the whole year.

In 2012, Jan 23th is Chinese New year, here, wish you 新年快乐!恭喜发财!过年好!!!

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