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漫谈鲁菜–Something about “Lu Cai”

Since I’ve talked about Chinese food for many times, this time, I would like to show you some typical Chinese food from my home town Shandong, and the food there called “Lu Cai” (Shandong Cuisine).

My home town Shandong province is a peninsula surrounded by Bo Sea and Yellow Sea, so of course,  there are various seafood for people to choose. For the people who live in the west of this province, inside the mainland, we can also get the fish in Yellow River which go through the peninsula and then flows into the sea.

Classic Shandong Cuisine : Sweet and Sour Carp (photo by 小松鼠)

“Lu Cai” used to be No.1 of the traditional Chinese food classified by districts. The dishes are characterized by fresh, salty tastes and different kinds of soup. The slicing technique is very important for the chef, they treat the materials like a work of art, and try to make them looks perfect. Sometimes the containers for the food is as important as the food. When you cook the food, most of the dishes ask for high temperature in a short time to keep the original taste and nutrition of the ingredients.Green onion, ginger, and garlic are the three most essential spices for Lu Cai, and they will be stir fried when you start a dish.

Sweet and Sour Shrimp for New Year Dinner

My father preparing for the New Year Dinner 🙂

Tofu Box (photo by 酒鬼老狼)

By the way, remember “Kung Pao Chicken”? The person who created this dish used to be a officer worked in Shandong in Qing Dynasty, but that dish wasn’t known by many people then. After that he was promoted to Sichuan province, and the dish “Kung Pao Chicken” becoming famous after it was combined with a spicy flavor.

Do you like green onion? Have you ever seen a green onion as tall as a kid? It is a famous product of  my hometown, and it can be eaten raw with sweet bean sauce, it’s a little bit spicy, but it tastes good!

Green Onion We Eat Every Day (photo by 齐鲁晚报)

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