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salty & tasty food from Japan


What kind of Japanese food do you like best?   I like almost all Japanese foods.  But it is hard to tell you all Japanese foods here.

Can you guess what is salty and tasty Japanese food?

It is UME(Japanese plum).  I am going to talk about UME (Japanese plum) for this time.

UME is one of my favorite Japanese foods.  This has a lot of ways to cook, and what’s more, we can enjoy the flowers of UME before the cherry blossom time.

UMEBOSHI(pickled Japanese plum)

UMEBOSHI is preserved Japanese plum in salt, so the taste is very salty.  UMEBOSHI contains a lot of citric acid.  This means that it is good to eat when you are tired.  And UMEBOSHI is good when you get drunk as well.  Summer in Japan is very humid and hot, so many people tend to lose their appetite that time.  UMEBOSHI helps us a lot in the summer!!   I tried UMEBOSHI from another country before, but Japanese UMEBOSHI is the most salty one.  I recommend to try Japanese one once even though I know that most of my friends from other countries wouldn’t say that it is tasty.

There are many product with UME in Japan.  I would like  to share some of them.  I think that most famous product is UMESHU(Ume liqueur).  Women like UMESHU a lot.  UMESHU is not salty, but sweet.


UME NODO AME (UME cough drop)

This is my favorite cough drop.  You should get this cough drop when you go to Japan.  You can find it everywhere in Japan.

Finally, I am going tell you one easy recipe using UME which calls UME kyuu(Ume sauce for cucumber).  This is a good dish for drinking.

ingredients(for 4)

*cucumber…… 2



*Japanese basil…………4 leaves

*sesame oil……1 teaspoon

1.Take out the seed from UME.  And pat UME with knife.

2.Cut off the axis of Japanese basil and mince other part.

3.mix everything .

4.enjoy eating!!

(from http://www.orangepage.net/recipe/detail/detail.do;jsessionid=CB968B4014C6B36339ADE15E38B13FDE.wb1?did=10000000000000105892&id=133873)

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