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International Fashion »

As you head into Spring Break some of you may have travel plans – wherein you may notice different fashions trends. Before you leave, take a look at this latest issue of the Willamette World News- read about trends in Germany, the season-less style in Colombia, fashion in China and more! Happy Spring Break! WWN […]

Kleider machen Leute?! »

In German we have the proverb “Kleider machen Leute” (“Clothes make the man”). Of course this statement can be argued, but definitely the clothes and the personal fashion style a person has, is a statement about him or herself. Just as everywhere else, in Germany factors like age, job and personal taste also determine the […]

Where do Fashion trends come from in Japan? »

Japanese Fashion… There are many kinds of fashion in Japan just as in other countries.  Many people are interested in Fashion with own sense.  The trend in clothes is changing quickly.  So it is difficult to catch up on time.

We’ll be there »

Fashion, I think, is a BIG word for me, or for the whole world. Everything would be fashionable, not just people, beautiful clothes, impressive make-up, in China maybe the old people like my parents starting to learn how to use computers is also a kind of fashion. But actually some of the people get lost on the […]

The Colombian Non-safari Look »

The city I am from is getting more touristic every day. So, on my way to university it is not unusual to find people wearing these safari looks in the middle of what seems to  be a normally dressed crowd. Beige outfits, shorts, sandals. They just pop out: Hi, dear misinformed foreigners! 🙂

The ‘In&Outs’ of fashion in Spain »

Fashion, I consider, is a very personal thing. Trendsetters and big name designers create the fashions we are supposed to live by but, sometimes, living up to the dictates of fashion can be a hard—sometimes even dangerous—thing. We cannot forget that the world is large enough that variety and diversity in fashion is something almost […]

Comment etre “a la mode” »

I am far from being an expert in fashion, French or otherwise, but I’ll share a few do’s and don’t’s with you…