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We’ll be there

Fashion, I think, is a BIG word for me, or for the whole world. Everything would be fashionable, not just people, beautiful clothes, impressive make-up, in China maybe the old people like my parents starting to learn how to use computers is also a kind of fashion. But actually some of the people get lost on the way pursuing the “real fashion”. We almost have no world famous brands, I think, but almost all the luxury brands make the most money in China.

For young people, they like to dress like “Europe and US Looking”, “Japanese Style” or “Korean Style”, no matter if it is matched well or not. But maybe that’s the fashion for them.

For me, I think I don’t know what fashion exactly is, but when I googled it “China Fashion”, some impressive pictures showed up,

that’s my favorite photographer Chen Man‘s pictures, I think from her photos, you could find the trend of the “Chinese Style” fashion.

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