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Where do Fashion trends come from in Japan?


Japanese Fashion… There are many kinds of fashion in Japan just as in other countries.  Many people are interested in Fashion with own sense.  The trend in clothes is changing quickly.  So it is difficult to catch up on time.

Many Japanese people check Fashion Magazine.  If some new items are shown in the magazine,  its item will be popular in Japan.  I think that there is cooperation between the fashion marketing and the magazine marketing.

I would like to tell you about some Japanese fashion magazines.  There are many kinds of magazine of Fashion in Japan.  I think that the magazines are the most influential thing for our fashions.    We have magazines which target for ages, type of fashion, and so on…

These are number 1 magazine for women and men from “Fashion Magazine” site.

“non・no”  for women

“smart”  for men * This person on the front cover is a woman.

You can check more Japanese  magazine here↓.


Next, I will show you Japanese Fashion in each area.  Each area has a characteristic of fashion in Japan.  I don’t know whether people in the area makes atmosphere there or the area brings the person who have similar fashion sense.  I guess both.

Some magazine shows us the differences of fashion style by prefecture in Japan.  But it is sometimes related to the weather or something else.  So, I will focus on Tokyo this time.  Please check out the site below.  You will be able to get little taste of the different fashion styles in Tokyo and find your area.


Finally, I would like to say about new tribe.  You can also check new tribe from the same site which I mentioned above.   The new tribe calls “Fetish Pop”.  The piture is below.

Enjoy your own fashion!!!

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