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Bittersweet Goodbyes »

As the year is coming to a close, we have asked our contributors to share their final thoughts with us. Read about their reflections on their year here at Willamette- cultural surprises, best memories and thank you’s. The WWN staff and the Willamette campus have greatly appreciated all of the wonderful insights and stories that […]

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye »

So, another year goes by and it’s time to pack up and set off to a new stage, a little uncertain as yet, but not for that reason any worse. I’ve always sucked at letting go of things. So, after some thinking about what to make of my last entry here, I’ve decided that I […]

Thank you Willamette! »

After an almost 24 hours long journey in which I traveled around 4450 miles, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and landed  in a 9-hours different time zone, I arrived here in Salem, Oregon. That was on the 22nd of August last year – almost 9 months ago. Having only a blurry picture of what I imagined American […]

充满希望的“葳涞” »

I just realized it when I was typing the title that to say Willamette in Chinese is so similar to the word Future in Chinese, and it’s just the feeling that Willamette gave me, and the meaning of this title, Willamette has a bright future. That’s what the word Willamette means to me.

Willamette World… News »

I couldn’t choose which version to publish, so here is a succession of potential articles. You can read whichever one you feel most attracted to: there are thoughts about bubbles on campus, a wishlist for Santa, a couple of rebellious questions, a journal on my epic journey here, and finally a few numbers about international […]

¡Hasta pronto, Willamette! »

I’m so glad that in my first post for World News I thanked in advance those people who would transform my life. At the end, many did it and in a great way. Here in the quiet Salem, I got to know a chunk of what the world is like because of them.

Manifest Destiny »

Today I’m at my desk and I’m asked to write my last Willamette World News post. I look out the window of my Uaps apartment, it’s sunny out, the petals of the blooming flowers this flash Spring brought are already falling, and there he is, in the distance: the Golden Man —Looking west.

It is Time… »

I have been working at Willamette University as the Japanese Language Assistant for two years.  I like this beautiful University a lot.  I met many people and have a lot of precious memories here.  My meaning of beautiful is including every one of those things.