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I just realized it when I was typing the title that to say Willamette in Chinese is so similar to the word Future in Chinese, and it’s just the feeling that Willamette gave me, and the meaning of this title, Willamette has a bright future.

That’s what the word Willamette means to me.

Before I arrived here with a little bit of curiosity and fear that everyone has when facing a brand new world that you have never been to before, I didn’t know that it would be so different from my life in China. I received so much friendly greetings, help from new friends and strangers, and respect everywhere. I am so thankful that Willamette is in Salem, Oregon, otherwise I’ll never have a chance to enjoy such a wonderful scenery that is perfect for taking pictures which is so important to me. Here, I met people who are so nice that took me everywhere and tried to show the beauty of Oregon to me, talked to me and correct the mistakes of my poor English, invited me to typical American dinners time to time just to share the nice week to each other. Now I am enjoying all the things like these even if these are kind of unbelievable at the beginning. Thank you for letting me be so happy during this year, I think I will come back again in the future.

Now I’m thinking myself is a member of  Willamette, not just a TA who visited here for several months, I personally think it’s a nice feeling . I’m sure that I’ll be smiling when I tell all the stories about Willamette to my friends in China, I appreciate the days here, thank you very much, the university of future.


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