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I have been working at Willamette University as the Japanese Language Assistant for two years.  I like this beautiful University a lot.  I met many people and have a lot of precious memories here.  My meaning of beautiful is including every one of those things.

You may think that there are big differences between the US and Japan.  I can say YES.  I can explain some differences, and also can’t explain some of them.  Most of the things that I can’t explain are things I just feel. I am getting used to those things without even knowing it.  Actually, I already forgot some first impressions of the US.  But I believe that I will remember them someday if I get in some similar situations.  I am looking forward to getting in these situation again.

To come in contact with some new things always makes me more considerate. Here in the US there have been many new things for me.  Of course, some of them are sometimes hard to accept, but it is also a good experience.  The most important thing is how we take the facts or cases when we face the things which are not normal for us.  I mean that it is not only the fact or cases, it means someone’s thinking or acting as well.

I was thinking many things about human relations, language, my work, my future, myself, and so on in two years.  When I was in Japan, I didn’t think as much as I do here.  Of course, I was thinking many things. I mean that it was not as much as I do here.  I feel that there are many choices in the US so I need to have my own opinion for every single thing.  I don’t know whether or not I am Japanese.  I could be fine even if I don’t have my own opinion for every single thing in Japan.  But here, it is difficult to be fine without expressing my thinking or opinions.  I felt so.  This is still the difficult part for me.  However, on the other hand, I can understand the importance to have one’s own opinion for everything in modern society.  So I won’t think about everything, but for most things, I should keep training to have my opinion.

I am far from a perfect person.  And I don’t want to be perfect person.  I want to keep learning and thinking about many things forever…..

At the end,  I have met many people from all around the world in two years.  This experience is not something everyone can have.  So I will carry this experience with me into my future.

Thank you everyone and everything!!

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