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Willamette World News is Back! »

Hello dear readers! 2012 marks the ninth year of the Willamette World News (WWN) blog, a bi-weekly online publication that offers international perspectives on topics relevant throughout the world.  Each issue addresses a specific theme, ranging from Valentine traditions to how the Green Movement is playing out in different countries.  You can check out an […]

Gabriela from Argentina welcomes you! »

Hi everyone! My name is Gabriela Bustos and I’m the Language Assistant for the Spanish department. I was chosen by the Spanish department [editors note] to help students with their homework, assignments and conversations in Spanish at Willamette University. In this first entry for the WWN blog I’d like to tell you something about my […]

大家好!Wenwen from China says “Hello” to everyone »

Hi everyone~  大家好~Da jia hao~ I’m Wenwen and I come from China. My last name is Zhang, and I have an English name: Victoria. But most of the people I met here, they do think Wenwen is better than Victoria, because it‘s easy to  pronounce. When I introduce myself to others, I always tell them”Wen‘s […]

Hello Everyone! »

Hello everyone! My name is Dominik Gutsche (23) and I am from Heidelberg, which is approximately of the same size as Salem. Originally, I come from a neat little town near Dresden in eastern Germany. I am convinced that this is one of the most beautiful regions in Germany and I really love the people […]

Hello! »

Hello everyone! My name is Rie Maeda. I am the Japanese language assistant. My hometown is Ibaraki, which is close to Tokyo, about 40 minutes away by train.

Salut tout le monde ! »

Bonjour, ça va ? Yeah, you got it, I am from France. My name is Maria Hernandez. Wait, I said France right? I so love this puzzling look I get when I introduce myself whenever I go and I have been to so far. This look which says: “You’re supposed to be French but your […]

Hallo! »

Hello everybody, My name is Isabelle and I’m the German Language Assistant for the next year. My Hometown is Koblenz. That’s a small city like Salem. That’s where the Moselle flows into the Rhine and of course you can find there “das Deutsche Eck” (German Corner).

Moin, moin, Willamette! »

  My name is Christian de Haan, 21 years old, and I am from the beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany. Hamburg is the second largest town of the country, amounting to 1.8 million inhabitants. One reason for its popularity is that Hamburg is the economic center of North Germany, having the country´s highest GDP […]