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大家好!Wenwen from China says “Hello” to everyone

Hi everyone~  大家好~Da jia hao~

I’m Wenwen and I come from China.
My last name is Zhang, and I have an English name: Victoria. But most of the people I met here, they do think Wenwen is better than Victoria, because it‘s easy to  pronounce. When I introduce myself to others, I always tell them”Wen‘s pronunciation is similar to When in English. Like when did you have your breakfast, that When.”  Usually people can pronounce it easily and correctly.

I am a graduate student in Jinan University in Guangzhou, Southeast part of China. My major is teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and I have already studied it for 6 years. I really love teaching Chinese, and I am really happy that there are some people who have interests in my language and my culture.

I am very happy to be here at Willamette, in Salem. Salem is a great place to live and Willamette is a good choice to study. Lots of students here think Salem is too small and there aren’t many entertainment places to hang out. To me here it is quite a  nice peaceful place to enjoy life, especially right now with the clear warm weather. The sky is quite blue, the trees and grass is so light  green. There are not too many noisy cars on the street.  The whole scenery makes my mind calm down, and helps me enjoy every moment in a day. I love it.

Here is quite different from the city where I lived in China. The city I stayed in for 6 years while studying is Guangzhou, which is the third largest international modern city in China.

See, this is Guangzhou! So many skyscrapers and so many automobiles. It is quite different from Salem.

Oh~ Even though the traffic is crazy in Guangzhou, the food there is really superb!

Are you hungry? The cuisine  in China is fantastic! I wish you all can have a trip to China to taste authentic Chinese cuisine~

So in order for you to have more convenient communication with local people in China, talk to me about learning Chinese here, at Willamette! I will always be here for you for free tutoring! Come on!

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  2.   By John Patzer on Oct 12, 2012 | Reply

    Welcome Wenwen.

    Nice to meet you!

    So, you lived not too far from Hong Kong?

    My wife and I have hosted several Chinese students, both High School and Junior High School students.

    We we also good friends with last year’s Chinese Language Assistant, Qian.

    How do you like it here in Oregon?

    When did you arrive?

    How long will you be here?

    My wife and I live on a small farm, in the country, about 16 kilometers from Willamette University.

    We have dogs, cats, chickens, cows, etc…


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