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Fellow WWN readers… »

This is a monumental moment in our blog’s history. It is a time that will determine the course of future blog posts to come and…wait, it’s just an issue about politics? With the election only a few weeks away, many of us are focused on the U.S. presidential race, so for this issue, we’ve asked […]

Presidential elections from an Argentine perspective »

As US presidential elections approach, American people start to think about the history of their country, the current state of affairs and especially they start to wonder about the future. The diversity of people’s reaction towards the whole world of politics is enormous and so are the differences among the political systems of elections across […]

Surprise me~ »

“Michelle, I love you so much!” I was surprised by this sentence from President Barack Obama’s in his public speech of  Remarks at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. This sentence is never ever spoken by Chinese government officials in their public speeches. In Chinese public speech, people seldom talk about  love, and they never express their emotional feelings.

Parties in Germany »

This time I want to present to you the party system in Germany (and I will try to explain it in comparison to the American system). Christian (the other German writer) will write about the election system in Germany, so if you want to learn about how elections work in Germany, take a look at […]

Politique : les apparences sont souvent trompeuses… »

I have been raised in a family where politics never played a major role. As both a French and Spanish citizen, I am entitled to vote in two countries and in Europe which should make of me a privileged citizen. As a female, I should be aware of all these years of battle and struggle […]

Konrad Adenauer »

Konrad Adenauer – the name of Germany´s first chancellor is not known to most American citizens, and yet it is strongly connected with the change from Nazi Germany to the Federal Republic, with the country´s economic rise, but also with the Cold War.

Politics and election of Japanese (日本の政治と選挙) »

Bolivia Politics »

Bolivia is one of the richest countries in natural resources and cultural diversity in the world; between its ecological segments or stages there are a variety of flora, fauna, minerals, oil, natural gas, gold, lithium, precious stones, etc, but unfortunately Bolivia is the poorest countries in the Americas in human resources.