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WWN, Dear Readers! »

Hello again, It seems to be time for a new issue! This time, we’re discussing the idea of “remembrance.” Whether for the living or dead, the idea of honoring and remembering family and friends is a key aspect of many cultures. Take a moment to learn about how each of our contributors view remembrance, and […]

Rememberance: How do you think of the dead? »

Hi all! How are you doing? This topic is Remembrance: How do you think of the dead? I would like to talk about traditional Japanese rites and holidays that take place to honor the memory of deceased relatives and ancestors.

La Toussaint… »

Often considered synonymous with the first of November, “la Toussaint” is in fact a two-day celebration of two related holidays. The name is an abbreviation of la fête de Toussaint (Toussaint’s holiday). The word Toussaint is a contraction of tous (all) and saint.

All Souls day in Argentina: Homage to Malvinas’ Heroes »

After taking a close look into the current crave for remembrance rituals, traditions, and ceremonies, I began to wonder how much importance people give to those who leave this world having strived all their lives for the high ideals of sovereignty, justice and freedom. I came to the conclusion that a good way to make […]

Allerheiligen in Germany »

In this entry, I will write about the All Saints Day in Germany. I have to admit that I’m not really well connected to this topic because I’m not deeply religious but I will try to explain it anyway.

How the Chinese Honor the Memory of Deceased People »

There are a lot of memorial and remembrance traditions to follow in China.  Different regions and different nationalities in China have their own customs. Losing relatives or friends is a very big thing in China. From the date we lose the person, we honor them in different ways.

Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) »

The day of the dead also called “Todos Santos” (All Saints Day) is a traditional Catholic holiday celebrated on November 1st of every year throughout the world. On this holiday, most Bolivians visit cemeteries to honor the dead.

Dealing with Death »

Death, in general, is a very challenging topic and it is to a great extent not touched upon in German public. Indeed, many people wouldn’t talk about it. I could imagine that Americans and Germans are quite similar in their approach to death as our societies have a great deal in common.