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KTV Gives Your Life More Music

Going to KTV is a big thing in China. For birthday celebrations, family get-togethers, weekends hanging out, or even just killing time, KTV is a great place to go.

KTV is the place where we do karaoke. In China, we sing karaoke more privately than in the US.  There are many separate karaoke boxes, and people usually sing in front of their friends instead of strangers. So even if they are not good at singing, they won’t be laughed at by others. Friends always support each other in China, and won’t laugh at you while you sing.

There are several sizes of KTV boxes that vary according to the amount  and type of people you have in your group.  If you have a small group with friends you can get a smaller KTV box, or if you have a group of business people they can get a more luxurious box. Inside of the KTV box, there is a big screen to show lyrics, and a special computer to order songs. There are comfortable couches to  relax and flashing colored lights to create an atmosphere for singing. You can order food or drink  in the box or out at the KTV stores.  There are at least two microphones in the box.  If you order a big box, there could be four microphones and even  more screens. The big box usually has its own restroom, which is more convenient.

In China we love to go to KTV.  It’s a very common entertainment place in every city. As it has become more popular and common, the price has gone down, so even some middle school students can afford to go there when they have holidays. When I was in middle school, the time KTV just started being popular in China, my classmates and I would save our pocket money and would go to KTV when we finished our midterms or finals. It’s really a great way to get together with friends or families.

The price of singing in KTV varies from time to time. If you go on a public holiday or weekends it would be more expensive than weekdays. And each day from 7pm-9pm it is more expensive than at other times. In the daytime on weekdays, the price usually is much cheaper. So if you have time you can go there to practice singing by yourself.  Also, the late night time is also good choice for people who like to spend their whole night there. Young people  like to sing at KTV through midnight until 6 am in the morning. That time is the cheapest period. Some KTV will offer a buffet there. So you don’t have to worry about your energy to sing.

KTV offers a relatively private space to a group of people who want to hang out together. It’s not just a place for singing, people can chat, play cards, order drinks, play board games and play dice there. It’s a very popular place for togetherness and building connections.  If you get the chance to go to China, you should try Chinese KTV!

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