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Music (音楽)

Hi everyone,

What kind of music do you like? What kind of music do you usually listen to? Maybe some of you reading my entry are listening to your favorite music right now!
As you can guess, this week’s topic is music.
What is your image of Japanese music?

I’m guessing your picture of Japanese music might be something like the music video below.

This song is called Sakura (桜) meaning Cherry blossom and it is the most famous song in traditional Japanese music. The song describes petals from a cherry blossom tree dancing beautifully as they fall.
In the video, one woman plays the instrument called Koto:琴.

Another woman plays a flute instrument called Shakuhachi:尺八.

We normally learn to play these instruments in Junior high school for a short time.

When some people think about Japanese music, they might imagine the kind of music in the video below.

This music is also a famous form of traditional Japanese music. This instrument is called a Tsugaru- Zyamisen:津軽三味線. Tsugaru is the name of an old city in Aomori (青森) prefecture.


The next kind of music is the most awesome of all traditional Japanese music.

I think you were moved by listening to this music. This instrument called Wadaiko (和太鼓) and is played at festivals and Kabuki or Noh plays.

Lastly, I’ll talk about contemporary Japanese pop music. There are many kinds of pop music.
The below video is one of the most popular songs.

This is a song by a group called AKB48. AKB is short for Akihabara (秋葉原) which is a part of Tokyo. The number 48 comes from the fact that the group has 48 members. Many Japanese men like them. Some of them buy 100 CDs to get concert tickets or shake hands with them. I think this is a little bit crazy. However, the group members are very grateful for the support of their fans.

I think this song is best of all Japanese songs now. We learn this song in class when we are junior high school students.
The lyrics are about how we should not worry about becoming No.1, and that we are all special and unique the way we are.
If you are interested in this song, you can check out the English cover version below ,or look at the lyrics on this website.

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