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Friendship »

友谊・友情・Freundschaft・Amistad・Amitié・Friendship Dear Readers, This issue our contributors are addressing the topic of friendship.  Each culture has a different method of defining relationships, and sometimes those relationships are passed down through generations.  Come learn a bit more about what friendship means to our contributors, and expand your world view! Sincerely, WWN Editors Jaime, Lars, and Mary

Friendship in Bolivia »

Growing up I have had many friends; I cannot recall the names of all of them, but at least I will name some of them in order to follow the story thoroughly. During my elementary school age, I played soccer, marvels, spinning top, hide and seek, and tire race (roll down bike tires at very […]

Friends in China »

The Chinese translation of  “friend”  is “朋友” (peng you), but we might use “peng you” in a broader way than “friend” in English.  “Peng you” can refer to an acquaintance you just talked for a while, or it can also refer to a person you’ve been friends with for many years.  We have many different […]

Friendship, a universal feeling which surpasses culture, nationality and distance: an Argentinian girl’s viewpoint »

When I thought about friendship one of the words which came to my mind is “door”. I strongly believe that friendship is like a door which leads people through astonishing and sometimes mysterious journeys. I have to admit that this door has often been opened to me and I’m really grateful for all the friends […]

Face/Book Vs. Hard/Core »

In America, there are yearbooks: pages recollecting some random faces, (too) close-up shots that will be out-fashioned in a few months or a few years if you’re lucky and have a extremely good sense of visionary fashion.

Freundschaft ist eine Tür zwischen zwei Menschen. Sie kann manchmal knarren, sie kann klemmen, aber sie ist nie verschlossen. »

I think this quotation summarizes the meaning of friendship in a really good way and provides a wonderful metaphor. Friendship is something exceptional and incredibly precious. I think when you have found a real friend, then you won’t lose him/her anymore, no matter what has happened.

Friendship (友情) »

Hi All, How do you become friends with a stranger? How do you make a good strong connection with your friends? What do you do with your friends? Do you usually argue with friends, or not? What do you talk about with your friends? I think you already realized this week’s topic: it’s friendship.