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Freundschaft ist eine Tür zwischen zwei Menschen. Sie kann manchmal knarren, sie kann klemmen, aber sie ist nie verschlossen.

I think this quotation summarizes the meaning of friendship in a really good way and provides a wonderful metaphor. Friendship is something exceptional and incredibly precious. I think when you have found a real friend, then you won’t lose him/her anymore, no matter what has happened.
It is like this quotation states: friendship is a door between two people. The door can creak or squeeze, but it is never to be closed or locked. I know it is difficult to say that you can forgive everything but I truly believe that you can forgive a friend for everything. A true friend would never do anything unforgivable. Maybe it is a naïve way of looking at friendship, but if one thinks about it…did you ever lose a true friend? If you say yes, was the reason really worth it? Or can you really say this person was ever a true friend?

It can happen that you spend a lot of time with people, that you hang out with almost every day, that you tell each other a lot and that you talk about your daily routine but is that what matters for true friendship? I don’t think so. What matters is the feeling, the certitude that you can always trust and count on this person. You can yell at her/him, you can be mad at him/her, you can cry with her/him, you can laugh together; you share your burden as well as your joy. A friend will understand even though you don’t understand it yourself. A friend doesn’t need daily confirmation that he/she is the best or that they are important to us. They know it because when something happens, they know you are going to see you and you know that they open their home and hearts for you. The same applies vice versa as well.

Why am I so sure about this? I’m so confident about it because I have a handful of friends (not even a handful) who are that important for me. The interesting part about this is that I really don’t talk everyday to them, especially since I’m here in America but I just know they are there for me. I even have a friend who I lost track of for more than a few months and still there is this bond between us which we can’t and don’t want to cut. It brings us always back together because to find such a true and good friend is not easy and you realize it at some point. Maybe you don’t see it every day but deep in your heart, you know it. I don’t want to advertise that people should stop to hang everyday with their friends because every friendship should be cultivated. That is actually my resolution out of this article. I’m sure my friends know how much they mean to me but maybe I should tell them more often than every few months. My goal with this article is that people think about the meaning of friendship and the value of this title, because it is a title and not everybody is worth to wear it. That doesn’t mean that people have to pass a test to be a friend, but to be a friend is something special and precious and one should behave and be treated like that.

If this was too serious now, take a look at this clip here about the stereotypical explanation of the meaning of friendship in America and Germany. Although it is very clichéd, I think there are some true points.

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