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Friendship, a universal feeling which surpasses culture, nationality and distance: an Argentinian girl’s viewpoint

When I thought about friendship one of the words which came to my mind is “door”. I strongly believe that friendship is like a door which leads people through astonishing and sometimes mysterious journeys. I have to admit that this door has often been opened to me and I’m really grateful for all the friends who in some way or another are part of my present, past and hopefully my future. Throughout my life, God has given me the blessing of having the best friends I could ever have. Some of them are in my home town and some others will be really far soon, so I’d like to give them the little gift of expressing how much they mean to me and how they have touched my life forever.

Some people say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends, so that’s what happened between me and my best friend Alejandra. I chose her as the sister I didn’t have. Although we are very different, we are so close because she not only supports me in good and bad moments, but also makes me feel I will never be alone. I admire her because she is strong, caring, and never gives up, even when life doesn’t seem so hopeful. She is the first person who comes to my mind when people ask me about my friends.

The second person is my friend Delia. Though I met her later in my life, I can only say compliments about her. I met Delia in a very difficult moment for me and she brought me only joy and laugh. She is a cheerful, sympathetic, and lovely girl who can change your day with simple and plain words. She is never afraid to be honest and can make you see the positive side of things.

At college, I was lucky enough to meet the most amazing group of classmates and friends: Mimi, Guada, Sil and Jo. Together, we’ve experienced happy as well as hard days. Each of them is really different from the other, but we have one thing in common: we are there always when life gets difficult. During the time I’ve been in the US, I missed them a lot and I just can’t wait for our tea afternoons when we make catharsis or laugh about our problems.

Next, I would like to talk about my friends at Willamette. Although a lot of them departed after the first semester, I can say I had the time of my life here in the US because I met such an amazing group of human beings. Each of them is important to me in special ways: Rie Maeda always generous and ready to help, Elaine Wilcock with her inner and outside beauty showed me how much she cares and loves the people around her, Kathy Tappauf always kind and sincere reminded me the importance of being open and friendly towards others, Sabrina Deppermann took care of all of us just like moms do, Johannes was simply the guy you could trust and of course have fun with and what can I say about one of the best friends I’ve ever had Karri Hakala, good listener, trustworthy and a real gentleman.

Finally, I’d like to address my three best friends and dedicate some words to our friendship which will not only last nine months but forever.
Isabelle, my little princess, thank you for everything I learned from you, you are so young but at the same time so wise. I’m sure you know everything about me, my good and bad sides, and still love me back. I had never met a German person before, but I strongly believe that friendship should go beyond nationality and culture. I wish many people had the opportunity to meet you, I will miss our fun Thursdays evenings, traveling and meeting places together, your orderly way of living which reflects your maturity and one of the best lessons I learned from you: some things turn out better when you show your feelings hehe. But what I’ll miss the most is your cheerful laugh, you soothing words that calmed me down so many times, and of course the few but sincere hugs you gave me.
What can I say about you my sweet and crazy Maria? I must say I’ve met the best part of you, the one you hide from most people. You took care of me like a real sister would have done, and I enjoyed so many memorable moments with you. Thanks for listening to my endless stories when everybody was tired of them. You are such a good friend and I can’t wait for your trip to Argentina to meet my family because you made me feel like part of yours. We are the living proof that there are no more barriers between Spain and Argentina, but a giant bridge which will reunite us some time.
As for you, my little friend, words are not enough to describe all the happiness and peace you brought to my life. When I came to the US, I thought I was lucky. Now, I think I am even luckier because I met you. I hadn’t laughed so much, and I hadn’t felt that someone cared for me as you do for a long time. Even though I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again, I’ll keep in my heart all the meaningful and beautiful moments I spent with you, and though I’m not that expressive, you know I love you in every sense.

Life is very often a difficult journey, and I think that is the reason why friends exist: so that you can face and enjoy life as it is. Even though, time constrains, distance or just daily routine keep you away from some friends, you know when you’ve found the right ones, and sometimes with a simple smile, a hot tea, a hug you realize you are not alone. When everything else fails, look at the sky and remember that friends are like the stars: we are not always able to see them, but we know they are there, just like all my friends are there for me.

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