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The Willamette World News is Back! »

================================================================================== Ladies and gentlemen, the time you’ve been breathlessly awaiting has come! The Language Learning Center is proud to present…. (drumroll please) The 10th anniversary publications of the Willamette World News!!! The WWN is a blog written by Willamette international students, eager to share their stories from home and the differences they’ve been experiencing since […]

Hello from China! »

Welcome To My Hood(Remix) Greetings folks! It is my great pleasure to write for the Willamette World News and work with our outstanding editors. My name is Lyu Boyuan and I’m a freshman here at Willamette. I was born and raised in Beijing. College has been so busy as far as I can tell. I […]

Heipä hei! Очень приятно! »

My name is Rosinka and I’m an exchange student for a semester here at Willamette.I’m half Finnish, half Russian. I grew up moving from place to place – sometimes from country to country. I love traveling and exploring new cultures: meeting the people, hearing their language and eating their food. I put the emphasis on […]

iHolà Willamette! »

Hello Willamette Community! My name is Emmanuela Ulchur-Rota and I am an exchange student from Quito, Ecuador, a tiny but beautiful country in South America! I study Art History and plan to do a Minor on Translation once I go back home. Ecuador, as its name suggests, sits on the equator, and therefore, right in […]

Salut tout le monde !!! »

My name is Florine, and I am very, very glad to be your French language assistant this year, thanks to the Fulbright Program!I grew up in a wonderful region of France called Alsace, in a small town named Soultzmatt. Soultzmatt is located in a valley surrounded by vineyards, in the North-East of France. Willamette University […]

Hola!! »

My name is Ivan Miranda; I am originally from Bolivia, South America. Prior to residing in Oregon, I lived in Illinois where I got my Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages. In Bolivia I earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics, and here in Oregon I taught Spanish at the University of Oregon for two […]

Happy Little Vegemites »

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.
– Charles M. Schulz

Hello! »

My name is Adam Cotton and I’m one of the mini-colony of Brits who have landed upon these fine shores. I hope that doesn’t seem offensive or provocative but it is one of the many ways I have been characterised since arriving. As soon as I opened my mouth and my dull and sterile accent […]

¡Que viva Colombia! »

Hello everybody. My name is Luisa Fernanda Grajales and I’m the new Spanish language teaching assistant here at Willamette. I’m Colombian, born and raised in Medellín.I’m a Fulbright scholar and I will be here for a whole year. I really hope to share some of my culture, my customs, and my knowledge of the Spanish […]

Welcome back to Willamette and Nice to see you! »

Hi everyone, I’m Rie and from Ibaraki of Japan. I’m the Japanese Language assistant from last year. So it’s my second year working at Willamette. I’m glad to be working in Willamette for two years. I have tutoring hours twice in a week. It is from 4-6pm every Monday and Thursday.If you have any questions […]

Hej! »

My name is Sofia and I come from the land where polar bears walk around in the streets. Well, that is what people think at least. In Finland we do not have any polar bears, but the rest you’ve heard about my country is probably true. Finland is a country where karaoke is popular, way […]

Привет! »

Привет, dear friends! My name is Anastasia and I have the privilege of being the Russian Language Assistant this year and joining you in Willamette World News. Although I grew up in America, I remain a native Russian speaker. My family migrated from Russia when I was ten months old, and since then Russian has […]