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Happy Little Vegemites

Perth, Australia

Dominique and Matilda are both on exchange from the University of Western Australia, where they are completing combined Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degrees, majoring in French, Linguistics and Psychology, and French, Art History and Geography, respectively. Their plan is to eventually have respectable jobs, but being professional travellers is looking pretty appealing right now.

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.”
– Charles M. Schulz

They have both lived in Perth for their entire lives, except for that one year they were on exchange in Belgium (where they ate too many fries, drank too much beer and convinced a lot of Belgians that they ride kangaroos in Australia), and now that one year that they were in Oregon. Before arriving at Willamette they travelled up the Californian coast, listening to Phantom Planet, Delta Spirit and Coconut Records on repeat.

Although they sometimes decide to live in other places, they think Perth is a pretty nice place to be. It has an unfair reputation for being sleepy, boring and really, really far away from everything important (when characters get written out of Australian soap operas chances are they’ve ‘gone to live in Perth’), but all the other cities are just jealous because Perth has more sun, better beaches and nicer accents.

Apart from singing Perth’s praises, Dominique likes practising terrible dance moves when there is no-one else around (and sometimes when there is), drinking tea and eating good Mexican food (a new discovery). Matilda enjoys singing Beastie Boys songs in the shower, reading depressing novels and splashing in puddles (it doesn’t rain too often in Perth). They both delight in pretending to be French to get free drinks and take great joy in confusing Americans with their antipodean pronunciation and spelling.

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