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Art and Art History from Around the Globe

Think about the role art plays in your life. Are you a musician, sculptor, actor or art historian? Have you ever strolled around the MOMA or danced in front of your mirror in your bedroom? Regardless as to how you are an art enthusiast, at some point in your life you probably were affected by art. This begs the question: how did you come to know art? Did you learn about it in a formal educational setting? Or did you mostly get instruction from your peers, or parents?

Perspectives on art, and how art is taught varies from place to place. Thus, we have decided to focus our next issue on Art History Professor Abigail Susik’s suggested prompt:

“”How prominent is the role that the disciplines of Art and Art History play in educational systems across the globe?”

We hope that you find our contributor’s responses as culturally enriching as we do.

Kind regards from your WWN editors,

Paul Romain, Jaime Venegas, and Giuliana Alfinito

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