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Art Promotion in Colombia through Non-Governmental Entities

Art has always been presented as an essential element in the development and evolution of man. It is through art that any selfless vision is able to be expressed using resources that can be plastic, sound, or linguistic. It is well known that the study of fine arts from an early age helps man to cultivate a sensitivity that leads him to develop very strong ethics during adulthood.In Colombia, it was not until the XIX century that art education was

institutionalized.In Colombia, it was not until the XIX century that art education was institutionalized. As I see it, this explains with certainty the flaws in our education system and its underdevelopment in comparison with other nations which place a higher value on and enhance art education. However, despite the lack of resources aimed towards the artistic education of Colombians, there exists an ever expanding number of individuals who are truly dedicated to demonstrating the importance of art in a country deeply affected by violence and other problematic social issues.

The changes that are occurring in Colombia concerning art education are becoming more and more significant as people are increasingly responding to violence with artistic and cultural expressions. There are now hundreds of movements that promote this major change. Fortunately, those movements are taking their nonviolent artistic expressions to the communities and, more specifically, to the schools and high-schools. It can be hard to believe, but these nongovernmental entities are precisely the ones who are taking back art to the common people.

I would like to end this article by pointing out that Colombia is an extremely diverse country, with a lot of different races, ethnicities, and cultural features that converge in the same place and make it really interesting. All these elements can positively contribute to the development of a strong and well-structured art program. The folklore and the music of the different regions, all the different rhythms and types of dances are great examples of our extensive and vivid musical traditions.

On the other hand, some of the most recognized Colombian writers have been able to portray our reality and our culture at high levels. Very important Colombian authors such as Gabriel García Márquez, Andres Caicedo, León de Greiff, and Rafael Pombo, are clear examples of all the great Colombian literature that should be read and cherished in our schools and universities as a simple, but significant way to promote art amongst the people.

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