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Immigration! — China

Chinese immigrants (only mainland) take up almost 9% of the amount of legal immigrants in the U.S. ranking 2nd after Mexican immigrants, while only 0.1% of the population in China is immigrants. I don’t know if it’s hard to become a Chinese citizen or permanent resident, but Chinese government doesn’t allow double nationality. I guess many people are not okay with giving up their own identity.

In China, there are cities and villages. Villages have the same size as Salem, but without all the daily necessities such as clean water, schools, shops, or roads.

The cities are good to pay a visit to,

but they are too crowded and the pollution is really bad.

This makes China less attractive to immigrants, too.

Then I want to talk about immigrants from China. Unlike immigrants from Mexico or Canada, it’s not easy for Chinese people to come to the States, especially for illegal immigrants. For many, you have to trap yourself in a cargo tank and work in a sweat shop or a Chinese restaurant. It’s harder for Chinese speakers to speak good English and they were not treated equally in the past. But still, I don’t see any chance they will stop immigrating. Not just to the U.S., even Europe, Asia and South America. No matter where you are from, I believe you have seen Chinese folks near your house doing business or something before. They even go to the States or Hong Kong just to have a new baby born so that the baby is American or Hong Kongese (I don’t know how to refer to people from Hong Kong).

Chinese people are immigrating mostly for the their family and children. And Chinese are known for working really hard. They can put their life away and just keep working all day long. And, as far as I know, they often succeed in the survival.

I think the first wave of Chinese immigration happened because they tried to get away from communism.

And America welcomed them, partly because the political reasons (America is not a fan of communism). Many Chinese immigrants don’t blend in American society and don’t try to. So they built China Towns everywhere.

It’s like a sanctuary. You speak Chinese or Cantonese to other Chinese people and you live the same lifestyle as you did before coming here. You don’t see India Town or Mexico Town. Only China Town. Chinese immigrants have a bigger influence there.

Once you are Chinese American, your life is almost the same as other Americans. So you don’t have to worry so much and you can have a normal life.

I know there are many city people everywhere and they will love to live in cities like Beijing. Actually there are more and more people from all around the world going to Beijing for money and the culture. I’m glad that my city is getting globalized and foreign people enjoy living there. They want to be part of the city.

At last, I hope all the immigrants have more rights in the U.S., in other countries and enjoy life!

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