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Immigration to Japan

Hi Everyone. Today’s topic is immigration. I think everyone is interested in this topic. What do you have the image of immigration to Japan? How many people do immigrate to Japan in a year? Where do people move into Japan from? Why did they come to settle in Japan? What are they doing for their life in Japan? These are what I am telling you today.

When I came to here, I thought that the US is the best country people immigrated or want to move from home country in the world. I hear people came from where to US many times like my mother came from France or my grandfather  from China even if I am on campus.  Comparing US and Japan about immigration, Japan might not be the place that a lot of  people want to live in. In the fact the numbers of immigration to Japan is increasing year after year. According to statistics that people from oversea live in Japan by the Ministry of justice,  It seems that the numbers of them increased about 450,000.

You can guess easily wherever people are coming from to Japan. the country most of people came from is China. Second is people from Korea. And Philippine, Brazil and Vietnam follows Korea. They have many reasons for immigrating to Japan. I mean that depend on the person. But I can tell some of reasons. Fortunately I had the opportunity to meet some of them when I was in Japan. I could meet them when I was working at Japanese school to teach Japanese. Moreover I had good experience to organize the event of international festival with the local people and international people in order to share different culture that people from overseas that live in the city: Kawagoe-shi, where my university is. Also I have met students going to junior high school at evening like after the school start 4pm or 5pm. All I met at these time are from China, Korea, east-south Asia, Brazil. I got curious about why they immigrated from their country. I have heard from them that someone said ” I want to study in Japanese collage” , ” Japanese culture is so interesting! I love it. I want to know more”. These reason is very positive and I was glad to hear that. However the most of reason is for the job in Japan. Japanese company’s payment is higher than their country’s even though their income are lower than Japanese people who work at  Japanese firms. A lot of them work at a factory or in a field growing vegetables for low payment. For instance In Aichi, Gumma and Ibaraki prefectures there are many Japanese Brazilians who work at famous factories like Toyoto, Nisshin or Honda. Since changing the immigration control act in 1989, Japanese-Brazilian to 3rd generations can come to immigrate to Japan without any conditions. So It means that they came to keep being able not to speak Japanese very well. However Japanese Government did not prepare a systems of the life for them before they came. So Even if their children went to school, they could not understand what teacher say to them in a school. Although there are some Brazilian schools around the place which they live in now, the tuition is expensive because of private school. Almost of them are going to public school as Japanese kids. some of them drop out school or stop taking classes because It take for a long time very often that they adapt Japanese school life. In addition they have troubles with Japanese for having the different culture and customs. Presently there have some events  in order to understand cultures, customs and life each other like this picture below.

I also know that people are from Indonesia, Philippine or Vietnam come to become a health care worker or a nurse in Japan. You know Japanese live longest in the world. It means that people at old age need help. Moreover they want to get a job in Japan. As a result Japan and these countries deal with Economics Partnership Agreement for it. However the language barrier makes it difficult for them to get a job. They don’t know Japanese words they need to use for their job. They had to pass the exam to get a professional license before they will work. Even though they can take Japanese training passing the exam is so hard for them. Now the exam has changed and they can pass. And they are given longer time to  answer than Japanese people. Hopefully more of them will pass it than before.

I mentioned a few cases of immigration to Japan. They exist more than I mentioned and share life with us. I hope Japan will become a better country for all people that live in Japan now. Because They give us new perspectives that we have not seen before. Thank you for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed my article.

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