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Dance In Japan!

Hi all,

How have you been? I hope you all are doing well.What do you have an image of dance we who are Japanese dance? We have any type of dances like Bon dance, fisherman’s dance, and traditional . Today I would like to tell you about Japanese traditional dance and how young generations dance.

First of all I will introduce about Bon dance. Every August, we have festivals called Maturi:祭 in Japanese to pray for ancients at districts all over Japan It sound so serious, doesn’t it? In fact , recently, We celebrate with joy and inherit the traditions that they have created from the past. There are many street vendors to sell food or toys that also do small games. people dance together with music from drums and flutes or just turning on traditional music. This dance is called “Bon odori”: 盆踊り in Japanese. The music is pretty loud, yet people love the festival and dance. let’s watch what the bon dance is!


I think that some of you might know next dance I am introducing. That is fisherman’s dance called Sohran-Bushi: ソーラン節 in Japanese. Every year JSSL dance team perform it in the Sakura Matsuri. It is very powerful and energetic and expresses fishermen catching fish. When I was in middle school, I danced it with my classmates in the school festival. I think that almost every high or junior high school student has danced this dance. It became famous when people watched it on a popular TV show. That changed the style of the dance from original one to cooler and more modern.

I also will perform it in Sakura Matsuri in April as one of JSSL dance team members. You can see Soran-Bushi then. Before that let’s check the original version out online!


Finally I am telling you about what kind of dance the young generation is interested in. Our generation like from 30 to 10 years are affected by American culture a lot. So we listen to Hip-Hop, Rap, and Pop very often. Also people who like that kind of music like to Hip-Hop dance. you know that many ASP students ( American Study Program) have performed Hip-Hop dance at some events. Recently many Japanese artists or singers have made these music and dances. Let’s see it in the link below!



On the other hand greeks who love Japanese idol singer made super unique dance called Wota-gei:ヲタ芸 in Japanese in order to show how much they love the singer they are fanatical about. They move so fast and it looks so exhausting. But they never stop dancing until music is off. When I saw it for the first time, I could not believe my eyes. So check the amazing dance out in the link below!


These dance I showed you today are a few examples of Japanese dance. If you found different one, let me share. that would be wonderful. Thank you for reading my article. Hope you had fun with that.

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