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Gender or Sex?

Hi all,

Hope you are looking forward to reading my article.

This topic is kind of hard for me to talk about in public. But maybe we need to talk about it sometime and think about it seriously even in public. I will tell you “How socially acceptable is sex?” and “How does it affect my country’s populations?”

First, I will tell you about how socially acceptable is sex. Almost all of you might have an image that Japanese does not talk about sex because we are shy. In fact we talk often about sex especially with same sex friends in casual situation, like at a Japanese style bar or cafe. If boys and girls are in same room, sex is not talked about. In front of friends it is joked about particularly when they get drunk at the bar or home, but it is very sensitive when anyone in your group has not had any sexual expereince. In my opinion, we avoid the topic because we don’t want to bother them about it. On the other hand probably married and unmarried couple talk about it seriously.

Secondly, I will talk about problems with the Japanese population. As you know, in Japan, birthrate has been going down year after year. I think this might be because more women have full time jobs than in the past. Women are getting married at an older age than they were twenty years ago. Moreover, it is difficult to have kids while working full time. The working hours in Japan can be demanding. Often work can start at 8 or 9 am and end at 7 or 8 pm. Inaddition, many Japanese people have a 1 or 2 hour commute to and from work.The worst case I have heard from my friends is someone working until midnight or staying up at a company until they finish their own project around six o’clock in morning. In Japan school is out around  3 or 4pm. If kids return from school, and no one is at home  they will eat dinner alone or with their brother or sister. So you can understand how difficult it is to take care of children for parents in Japan. In my opinion, more women quit their jobs than men do because of pregnancy and taking care of kids. Even though there are kindergartens and  day care centers around the city in which they live, they cannot keep children until midnight. Parents must quit their jobs, otherwise, they have to change their job to part time. This is a huge problem in Japan in my opinion. In the past after world war two, Japan had a baby-boom happened. So there are an increasing number of seniors over 60.Japanese life expectancy is longer than other countries. In addition, younger generations have commitments to take care of the elderly and pay pensions for them according to Japanese systems under the laws. This is one of serious problems that I would like to to find the solution to as soon as possible.

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