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I think I can say some about sex in China…

What’s up y’all!

I was looking forward to this topic for a while because it’s always funny to see how people react to sex.

First thing I want to say is that sex is talked about nowadays in China, at least among young people. I never get it why people of the same age of my parents or in the past wouldn’t talk about sex. It’s not that sex has nothing to do with them but it was just defined as ‘untouchable’ somehow. Fortunately, I never had this situation of not being not allowed to talk about sex. And yes, it’s even joked about among friends. Just never do that with adults like parents.

But sadly sex education is not really a thing in high school education. All we were told is to put on a condom unless you want AIDS.

It’s really hard to say how sex affects my country’s demographics. Because sometimes I think we can reproduce without having sex. Because there are so many Chinese and they don’t even like to talk about sex.

One night stand shouldn’t be expected if you are dating a Chinese girl. Although guys are okay with that, I guess.

I’m not talking about homosexuality in China until we accept sex between men and women. It’s just too soon and people are not ready yet. We don’t have any law to either protect homosexual people or say it’ s illegal to marry the same sex. Thus so far you can say same sex marriage is legal in China simply because there’s a blind spot about it in the justice system. This is funny but sad.

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