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Ten years ago while I was still living in Bolivia, my friends and me we used to meet every Saturday at the main plaza of Cochabamba city. The main plaza is located at the heart of the city. Around the plaza there are many shops, restaurants with beer gardens, ice cream stores, pizza places, music stores, etc. This place is vibrant and lively (in general the whole city is) all year-round.

We (my friends and me) spent the whole day in the surroundings, usually after lunch we sit at the plaza’s benches to make jokes to each other, and telling piropos (flirtatious compliments) to girls that passed by.

I am going to translate some of those piropos, but be aware that in English some of them do not make any sense, like they do in Spanish. Here I go:

Cuando te veo se me hace la boca agua, pero cuando no estás se me hacen agua los ojos (every time that I see you, I salivate, but when I don’t see you I have tears in my eyes)

Contigo aprendí que no es necesario morir para conocer el cielo. (With you I learned that it isn’t necessary to die in order to know heaven)

Son tan bonitas tus pecas, que no me importaría pecar contigo. (You have nice moles that I don’t care to commit a sin with you)

Me dormí para dejar de pensar en ti, pero olvidé que eres dueña de mis sueños. (I slept in order to stop thinking of you, but I forgot that you are the owner of my dreams)

¿Te hiciste daño al caer del cielo my vida? (Did you get hurt falling from heaven babe?)

Anoche fui a la iglesia y un pecado cometí, en vez de pensar en Dios me puse a pensar en ti. (Last night I went to church and I committed a sin, instead to praying, I was thinking of you)

¡Mamacita que curvas y yo sin frenos! (Babe! you have beautiful curves, and I don’t have any brakes)

Mamita te pareces a Santa Bárbara, santa por delante y bárbara por atrás. (Babe! you look like Saint Barbara; saint’s face and gorgeous back).

Debes estar cansada hoy, después de todo lo que hicimos en mis sueños anoche. (You might very be tired today after the things we did last night in my dreams)

Eres un camión con tracción delantera. (You are a muse with beautiful bumpers)

¿De qué juguetería te escapaste muñeca? (Babe doll! from which toy store did you run away?

Mátame si no te sirvo, pero primero pruébame. (Kill me if I don’t deserved you, but first try me)

¡Cómo avanza la tecnología… porque hasta las flores caminan! (The technology advance so quickly that now even the flowers walk)

Si la belleza fuera pecado…dios no te perdonaría nunca mi amor. (If beauty would be a sin, God will never forgive you my love)

Cada vez que te veo se me para el corazón. (Every time that I see you, my heart stops)

I hope you are having a good time, see you in the next article!

Grover Washington, Jr. – Just The Two Of Us

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