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Teenage Pregnancy in Japan

Teenage pregnancy rate in Japan is 4%! Surprisingly, Japan has the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in the world according to unicef. Before I looked it up, I thought it must be higher that it is because I think sex education in Japan is not enough.The only time when I got sex education was at schools which are elementary school, middle school and high school. But the teachers did not teach enough information that we should have learned at those times.

I remember what they taught us; the whole mechanism of pregnancy, how period happens to girls and sex diseases. As you know, compulsory education in Japan is until middle school so some people only got a little amount of information about their sex.  Also, most people in Japan do not talk about either their sex or sex activities. It is kind of taboo to talk about in in public. Some comedians use jokes about sex which are indirectly and only after midnight, they use direct jokes about it. On the other hand, they actually like to talk about the topic in their private like among friends group for instance. They share what they think about sex and information of it. Also, I think it is common that most people in Japan, especially, youth generation, they learn what they are supposed to do or what they should know about it by themselves. I mean they like to talk with their friends and to learn from books, the internet or videos. So, overall, they do not want to show about sex in public even though the topic in private is famous and hot. And actually, many people tend to show they think the one night stands are not moral, but they do. I guess this is part of reason why there are lots of love hotels in Japan. Love hotel is a hotel for couples and many people in Japan like to use it because it is easy to use. Fortunately, there are always condoms in there so they do not forget to use it. I think this helps the lowest pregnancy rate.

As I told above that sex education does not give much information, I had never learned about sex orientation until I came to the U.S. I knew little about heterosexuality and homosexuality only from people who made jokes about them. I strongly feel that how support for sex orientation in Japan is weak compared with the U.S since it is not common topic in Japan. And because sex education in Japan does not include sex orientation, there are many people who still have stereotypes about it. This is sad news to share in the U.S where it is getting popular to accept the same sex marriage. But I personally, do not like lack of support in Japan, so I would like to contribute improving it in a better way.

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