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What Kind of Japanese Food Would you Like?

Hi all,

Food Food Food! I am sorry I was so excited about this topic. Since I came to US, have met people who live all over the world and like Japanese food like Sushi, Sashimi and Udon. However today I am going to tell you about Japanese foods that you do not know yet, but you will love.

First of all, I am telling you my favorite Japanese foods: yellowtail and Japanese white radish called “BuriDaikon” in Japanese and one type of sushi called Oinarisan.

To begin, I want to explain my most favorite food which is Buridaikon. It is made of yellowtail  and Japanese white radish with some Japanese seasonings like soy sauce, sake, sweet sake, sugar and soup stock called Dashi. You might have a question about when we eat it. Although many of you know we have special occasions with specific food for each event, you can eat this dish any time. For example when we  eat Sushi  it is because we are celebrating something such as children graduating from school or entering school and  other occasions. In contrast Buridiakon can be eaten it whenever we like. My mom usually cooks it in winter because that is the season to catch yellowtail.

If you want to make it, click the video below.watch?v=I6shNWvQF2c

It is easy to cook it. Hope you like it.

Second, I am going to tell you about Oinarisan which is my second favorite Japanese food. Oinarisan is made with steamed white rice, rice vinegar and Inari skin. Oinarisan can be easily found at a sushi place. But I like homemade so much because when I was a little, my mom made it for my school lunch, called bento in Japanese. Students in middle school do not have a school cafeteria so they must bring lunch from home. At the sports festival held in my primary school once a year my mom would make a bunch of Oinarisans for everyone. Even if we are just five or six members of family, she cooked a lot of them from very early in the morning. That is a reason why I feel a little bit weird to see it in the restaurant here.

This video below is a recipe for how to make a Rilakkuma version of Oinarisan. Let’s try to make it! watch?v=8FKRNhjAqTk

The food I told you about today are a few of examples of Japanese food. I would like to know what kind of Japanese food you like. I’ll appreciate it. Thank you for reading my article. See you next time.

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