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初めてでいっぱいの毎日;My life in the US is full of many new things everyday.

Hi all,

I cannot believe that this is the last article I will write. Before I came to the US, I had a stereotypical image of the US. For example people living in the US eat hamburgers everyday, everyone is proud of their country and nationality, and they don’t care about other people at all. I know this sounds like a negative point of view,  but the point is that I didn’t know much about this country before I came here. Actually, I was not interested in the US at all.Living in the US has been a mind-opening experience.

People are very kind to me and they are very curious about Japan.The most surprising thing is that many people are outgoing. For instance, I often have conversations with strangers at Starbucks. Moreover, on campus, I’ve noticed that even strangers can converse like friends when commenting on Goudy’s food. I know not everyone in the US is sociable and kind, but  I  can say almost all the people I met in Salem and WU are outgoing and very kind.

And that’s what I saw in the WU campus life for about two years; people could discuss so many things like politics, social life, relationship, marriage, education system, and the view of foreign countries…etc. Each person could have different opinions and personalities, and they aren’t afraid to argue with others. I love to have serious conversations with friends. In Japan sometimes people are timid about discussing the topics I already mentioned because some of them don’t like arguments and want to avoid them. In my opinion these are serious topics we really need to discuss. Also it is a little bit difficult for young people to tell their opinions to people like  their boss or teacher because of  social status in Japanese culture and language. So it is harder for me to find people having a serious conversation in Japan. Of course this is not true all of the people in Japan or around the world. Anyway I am glad to be able to have nice conversations here with my friends. Even if I could not say what I mean exactly or correctly, or I needed to take time to gather my thoughts, people around me, thankfully, waited and gave me a chance to try and say it many times. I really appreciate their kindness. Indeed, If I didn’t have your help, I could not have survived life in the US. And I want to say Thank you so much to Isa, Gaby,Wenwen and Maria who were previous language assistants. I am so glad to have you as my coworkers. When I was in trouble, you were always next to me, listen to me and think the solutions and give me good advice. I really respect all of you. also I will never forget the time we spent together in the US. I was really happy to work with all language assistants Luisa, Denis and Florine. You guys are always nice to me and listen to my terrible English.  I made a lot of awesome international friends here over the last two years. They taught me a lot of great things. I learned more than just cultural things such as “Don’t be afraid of  making a mistake when speaking a second language”,  I learned from them that if you don’t know the words you just a new way to say it. Thank you for sharing your country and culture everyday we lived together.Especially, I really want to thank to professor Fujiwara, Koishi, Loftus and Hayashi for giving me a lot of wonderful things. Thank you very much for helping me when I lost my way. Also, I was very happy to work with JSSL members. You all are very special to me. You guys made my WU life meaningful. At every moment I was amazed by the great talents that each of you possessed. I learned so many things from you guys. Every single time when I saw you guys grow up a little was the happiest moment in my life. I cannot tell you how lucky I am to be the Japanese language assistant at WU, and it is all because of you. I will never forget my life at WU. If I’m ever having a hard time, I’ll always remember your big smiles. Finally I want to say thank you to the LLC staff. the articles that you gave me were challenging because it can be hard to say what I think in English. Thank you for listening me every time and trying to understand what I am saying. I really appreciate it. I want to say Thank you to all of  you who I met in Salem and WU, I really had a great time.


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