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She flies with her own wings

When I first came to the United States in 2009, I went to The East coast. Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, DC… Huge cities, crowded roads and very industrialized regions.

But as I came to Oregon, I heard someone saying “Left coast is definitely the right coast”. And to me it is so true…

I fell in love with the nature of the West coast. Oregon and its 6,000 lakes and 120,000 miles of rivers that I wish I could all kayak. Majestic Mount Hood breaking the horizon line. The evergreen trees of Washington State. The sunburns I got in California. The graceful arches of Utah. the surreal canyons of Arizona…

Multnomah Falls, OR

I found myself in nature. It has now a so much bigger place in my life. I want to leave and work closer to mother Nature.

From left to right: Wild life in Zion National Park UT, Racoon at Golden Gate Park San Francisco CA, Sea Lion at Depoe Bay OR, Dears at Breitenbush Hotsprings OR

Some of the highlights of my adventure in the United States are the trips I did with the Outdoor Program. My favorite moment is when I admired the stars as I camped underneath the milky way at Triangulation Peak. But I also have to mention how breathtaking snowshoeing at Crater Lake was, with that perfect blue sky above it. It really is the pearl of Oregon!

Triangulation Peak, view on Mount Jefferson from Boca cave, OR

Crater Lake, OR

As I was so amazed by those opportunities the Outdoor Program offered me, I wanted to contribute to it, so other people could also enjoy Oregon’s nature. I did the leadership trainings and was able to lead trips! It was an awesome experience. It got me confident enough and ready for doing a 10 days road-trip on my own during spring-break in Utah and Arizona. Probably the most intense part of my year in the USA.

Grand Canyon, South Kaibab trail, AZ

Navajo National Monument, AZ

Bryce Canyon, UT

Landscape arch, Arches National Park, UT

Antelope Canyon, AZ

Zion, Angles Landing trail, UT

Indian paintings, Calf Creek trail, Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, UT

I also keep a good memory of the tree planting I participated in in Salem, because I feel like it was a way to contribute to Oregon’s nature but also to leave something here.

Tree Planting at Clark Creek Park, Salem, with Friends of Trees

.. A bit like writing for the WWN. It is a way to leave a trace as well. Sharing experiences and learn from yours was an amazing experience!

If there is one last thing I would like to share with you, it is this tip. Whenever you are traveling (simply going on holidays or for a year abroad) don’t let the fear of the new things keep you from doing them. Even if you just want to stay in your routine or crawl underneath you blankets. Try! Experience! And even fail sometimes! You won’t regret it. Promised. Just like I moved forward step by step, I see now a huge evolution.

For those changes I’ve seen in me, I would like to close this article with the motto of Oregon; “Alis volat propriis”: “She flies with her own wings”; and this picture I took at Cape Lookout.

Cape Lookout, OR

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