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Bonjour tout le monde!

My name is Lucile Brown and I come from the beautiful country of France. I’m a senior at university and am here at Willamette for a semester.

I come from the West Coast of France,from a rather small town of 18,000 people of the name Challans in a region called Vendée (Pays de la Loire). Its origins date back to the middle ages and there are still numerous sites and buildings that testify to its long history. But what’s more important (and fun!) is just a fifteen-minute drive away from my hometown: the beautiful Atlantic Coast. The sandy beaches stretch for miles and miles, and the (relatively) warm water attracts thousands of tourists from all over France and Europe every summer.

I study in Nantes, one of the major cities of France, where I major in language studies and economics. I am currently studying three languages: English, Spanish and Chinese, which can get confusing sometimes, having to switch from Spanish to Chinese in ten minutes, just the time to get from one classroom to the other…

I’m French, but also American. I was born and raised in France, but my dad is American. He came to France in the 1980’s and left to come back to the US six years ago. Since then, I have spent most of my summer holidays in the US, and have traveled around a little bit. I’ve come to know and deeply appreciate the country, its people and its traditions. I can say that a part of me belongs here, and that’s why I wanted to the US to study for a while. I didn’t have many apprehensions coming here, as I was familiar with the culture, but college life in the US has pleasantly surprised me. Everything is different from the experience of college life I have in France. The thing that surprised me the most was the way people are welcoming and friendly here and because it’s a small campus you always come across someone that you know. I look forward to spending the rest of my semester here at Willamette. A bientôt!

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