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I say GRÜß GOTT, SERVUS – CZESZ, WITAM to the United States!

Guten Tag and dzień dobry! My name is Tina and I am currently an exchange student from Germany with polish heritage.

My family is from Poland but before I was born my parents moved to Germany. Therefore, I was born and raised in the beautiful South-Western part of Germany called Bruchsal. Bruchsal is a baroque town located between Karlsruhe (with Germany‘s Federal Constitutional Court) and Heidelberg which most of you will probably know.- at least that’s my experience when I try to explain where I come from: “oh yeah I know Heidelberg”. Bruchsal is the town where my parents and my two older siblings live today. After my year abroad in the UK where I worked as an Au Pair I matriculated at the Eberhard Karls University in Tuebingen. Tuebingen is my favorite place and I highly recommend to visit this wonderful city. It has 30 000 students and has a very interesting historical background. For example, some people say that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe liked to visit Tuebingen but one night he got so drunk that he got sick in front of a building. If you watch out you will find a sign which says: “and this is the place where Goethe threw up”. In Tuebingen I am studying Interdisciplinary American Studies in my third year and I do not regret any second of choosing this University.

the castle in Bruchsal, Germany.

Since I have two different cultural backgrounds I would like to introduce both of them – Germany and Poland. Germany is very famous for its delicious sausages like Bratwurst, really strong beer and of course for its highly developed cars (BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen …). However, Poland is also known for its even more delicious sausages like the Cracovian, even stronger beer and for … not really producing cars but well … lets say: Poles like good German cars!

Besides loving my cultural background, I also like to do outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, camping and everything else which provides you with an adrenalin rush. Further, I enjoy cooking with friends, traveling, photography and music.

Tübingen, Germany.

CULTURE SHOCK: America is XXL. Everything is much bigger then in Europe. Much bigger. And why do you find cookies everywhere?! They are so delicious but so sinful. But the biggest culture shock are the restrooms. It is strange that you can see through the doors because of the gigantic slots on the sides. To me it is pretty intimidating that I feel observed while I am having my time with the john. Nevertheless, I made so many good friends and fantastic experiences and I am really looking forward to the next months.


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