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Howdy from the land of Steak and Malbec!

In this issue I will focus on two very attractive topics for me: economic activities and renewable energy. Well to begin with, I will start describing a little bit about Argentina’s economy. My country is well-known for having one of the best steaks in the world, but contrary to what many people think, that is not the only product that we export. Argentina is also highly popular for selling one of the best “Malbec” wines of the region as well as grains such as, soy (it is the third largest world producer) and wheat. 
Among the most important products exported you can also find soy oil, sunflower oil and biodiesel. Argentina is a great oil producer. There are several oil reserves in the middle and southern parts of the country, so much so that in 2012, Argentina was the largest natural gas producer and the fourth largest petroleum producer in South America.

In regards to renewable energy per se, my country has a great potential for development. In the Patagonia region, for example, there is a never-ending source of energy: wind. It is considered one of the best places in the world to generate electricity due to the wind’s intensity and constant flow. Moreover, in the North East part of the country, we have clear skies pretty much year round so it would also provide a great opportunity to obtain solar energy. There are great opportunities for geothermal (near the Andean mountain range) and oceanic energy (Atlantic Ocean) as well. If these ideas—and the required funds—were put into practice, Argentina could obtain 100% of the electricity it consumes from renewable sources. There are a couple of projects that were started in 2011 which are expected to provide 8 % of the total amount of electric energy by 2016. I know that it may be small compared to what it is being done in other countries, but at least something is being done 😀 .

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