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New International Students and Culture Shock »

Greetings, Our second Willamette World News issue of the semester is out!  Our new international students have written an introductory article in which they talk about themselves and their initial culture shock they experienced when they arrived. Have a good read! Lara, Hailee, and Jordan The WWN Editorial Team /!\Please note: the statement made in these articles do […]

Hello from Grahamstown, South Africa »

Hey! My name is Ryan de Villiers and I’m from South Africa. And yes, I am white and speak English. I am a study abroad student for the spring semester here at Willamette and am thoroughly enjoying it thus far. I am from Rhodes University in an even smaller town than Salem, Grahamstown, which is […]

Why don’t you Americans wear socks and use umbrellas? »

My name is Yichen Fu and I am from Zhuhai, China. Zhuhai is a seaside city in southern China. Compared to other cities in China, for example Beijing, it is considered a small city. Growing up there, I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature and the quietness of life.

Hello from Sweden! »

My name is Cajsa Nolskog and I’m one of the international students at Willamette this semester. I’m originally from Skövde, Sweden, but have lived in Norrköping the last year and a half before coming to Salem. I take every chance I get to live abroad, so I lived in a couple of places around the […]

Hello lovely readers of WWN, this is Melody from Australia! »

I have encountered many people who are dismayed that I do not greet them with “G’day”, a salutation you will not hear from anyone under the age of 65 back home. I do apologise for not adhering to this Aussie stereotype, but do not panic, I do use “mate” very abundantly!

Hey there, or in German: Hallo! »

My name is Jasmin Egger and I am studying at Willamette during the spring semester of 2015. I am from Austria. Austria – in Europe – is close to Germany and Switzerland, so from the stereotypical American point of view, it is close to everywhere else in Europe, too! Austria should also not be mistaken […]

Austria and The Sound of Music: Where the Hills Are Alive »

Long before I came to the United States from Graz, a relatively small town in Southern Austria and birth place of, among others, one Arnold Schwarzenegger, I was fully aware that I would get confronted with The Sound of Music. I’ve prepared myself. I’ve been on this side of the world twice before, and it […]

A thing or two about those oh-so-wonderful culture shocks »

When I was eighteen I moved from Finland to the UK. I was about to start my studies in Liverpool and I was so unbelievably excited and happy and excited, which left no room for the fear of the unknown. I arrived in Liverpool one September day and got instantly hit by a sweet and […]