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How the Seasons affect our Lives, or: A Declaration of Love to Summer (aka the best season ever!)

IMG_20150319_160742638_HDR (1)Long, muggy evenings spent sitting outside and enjoying a drink, without the need for lights. Hot days at the lake/beach, without the need for a towel when you come out of the water. Taking walks or bike rides through nature until sundown, without the need for many layers of clothes. Being able to step outside the house, without the need to think about grabbing a jacket, and the sun shining into your face as soon as you step out. Pure, balking heat surrounding you in the streets.

THAT is summer for me! And, if you ask me, it’s by far the best season of them all just because you can make so much more of your day. People who don’t like all the above mentioned will always remain a mystery to me. I blame their dislike of summer solely on poor air condition in buildings (like it is the case in Austria).

A girl from Lancaster once told me, that British people are different when the sun is out. I was wondering what that meant. But when then, a few months later, the sun didn’t come out in Austria for about 20 days during November and I started becoming a bit slower in everything that I did, and also lost my enthusiasm for all things that took place outside, I thought, maybe that was what she meant!  During these long 20 days, it also seemed like it wouldn’t get very bright outside, not even in the middle of the day. It was strange, and to my knowledge, it had never happened before. I hated it. Maybe for a week, it was nice, romantic, and an excuse for not doing much all day and curling up in bed after having done the most necessary things on one’s agenda, but I wouldn’t mind not having to go through such days.

I think, weather and seasons affect our lives in so far as they change our mood. When it’s bright and warm outside, we are happier then when it’s raining or the sky is all grey in grey. This is even proven, as northern European countries, where the sun doesn’t come out during several months of the year, show the highest suicide tendency due to depressions. These depressions are often triggered through an absence of sunlight. Sunlight is so crucial because our body generates Vitamin D from it, the vitamin that regulates many different processes in our bodies and therefore, to say it in a nutshell, keeps us balanced and happy. Given all this, I really do believe, that we are just made for summer and warm weather. Just look at nature. We are born without a fur or a big winter jacket on, hence I assume we are made for warm weather as we cannot survive naked in winter. Further evidence: in warm climates, so much more fruit and other food can grow and ripe outside all year round and this just seems sustainable and natural for me. I don’t know about the scientific state of this theory, but it just makes perfect sense to me (and maybe it is just what I want to believe :)). However, I hope I could give you some advice on which season always to like best, you might guess it by now, yes, indeed: SUMMER!

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