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Nothing New Under the Sun?

Hello, there!

Let me introduce you to the most used conversation topic in the whole world: the weather! It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in a broken elevator with a complete stranger or if you are just trying to flirt – or both at the same time, weather is the key. Talking about the weather will always save you and you know it.

In fact, it’s just incredible all that the weather can do for you and in how many ways it influences our lives. It plays a part in the language itself. There is a region in France called Bretagne (or Brittany in English) where a lot of people can talk an old dialect: Breton. If you go there, you will find it striking that it always seems to be about to rain. And when you would just say “Oh, the sky is really grey,” people from this region would have an impressive list of synonyms just to describe what sort of rainy day it is. I guess that since they are exposed to this weather almost all-year long, people there are more sensible to its slight variations. So they had to develop enough vocabulary in order to be able to talk about the rain and grey sky. Therefore, we can say that in the Breton dialect, they have more than… 50 Shades of Grey! (Sorry, I really had to make this joke.)


(- It really is summer, the rain is less cold. – Yeah, right.)

Language is not the only field that the weather can influence. You won’t be surprised if I say that our mood can be greatly altered by “la météo” -how we call it in France. I know that most of you are getting fed up by the story of my life because I keep on telling it but … here we go again! I was born in Ajaccio, Corsica. Then I grew up in Fort-de-France, Martinique and before coming here I was studying in Marseille. The common point between all these places -except the fact that they are French-speaking? The sun. Exactly: even though that doesn’t show on my white-skin-that-won’t-tan-easily, I have spent my entire tiny life under the sun. Then, how do I deal with the rainy cold days? Well, I do just like a lot of people, I get sad. With that statement, it would be easy to conclude that a nice weather is the key to happiness… not sure.



For example, this theory would have a hard time demonstrating that: >><< Indeed, if warmth and sun make people happy, then how come the Danes were the happiest people in 2013? Aren’t they supposed to be cold all-year long? According to this study, you don’t have to be exposed to a tropical warmth to be the happiest of all! For those who were too lazy to read the entire article -yes, you! Danish people seem to have developped an interesting concept, the “hygge.” And that means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people… inside. What I understand by this is that they have found a way to enjoy themselves even if it’s rainy or/and cold outside. And without knowing it, a lot of big cities are following the same kind of rules: if one doesn’t have a good weather in their cities, one should definitely create even more indoor entertainments! This is the case in some French big cities like Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg,…

My opinion is that the weather can have more or less influence on our lives according to the attention we pay to it. It’s like astrology! If you read your daily prediction and it tells you that today is going to be a difficult day, you’ll be even more sensible to the least problem occuring that day. And if you know that the weather is going to be windy and cold and rainy and…! then, of course, you will be a bit depressed. In a nutshell, the weather is also a social conception and too often we tend to associate sun with perfect day and clouds with sadness. In order to be convinced of that, you just have to look back at the time of royalty when being suntaned was considered ugly because the only ones suntaned were the peasants working outside the whole day. And nowadays, the sun and what it does to our skins are almost fashionable, if you have a tan that would implicitly mean that you’re someone sociable, going out a lot, etc.

So, yeah, here’s all that I would tell you about the weather if ever we were the only ones waiting for the bus. Thank you weather, it would be awkward waiting in silence..! 😉

Waiting for the bus

Love, love, lo… hum I mean, Amour, amour, amour!


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