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Archive for November 3rd, 2015

International Stories Untold in the American Media »

Greetings, Thank you for checking out our first issue of the semester! We realize that many very important and relevant issues around the world are being misrepresented or simply not publicized in the American news. In this issue, we gave our contributors an opportunity to find a news article from their nation that highlights one […]

Myth of the American Dream »

By Guadalupe Torres My name is Guadalupe Torres, I was born in California and I also recently graduated from Willamette University with two majors: Spanish and Latin American Studies. Even though I was born in the United States I am proud to say that my first language is Spanish and my cultural background is Mexican.

Diana »

By Lucía Baigorrí Haüen Ten years ago, terms such as “femicide” and “gender violence” were not part of Argentine mainstream media and were definitely not featured in everyday discourse. Now, in a time when reality is pervasively mediated by virtual experiences on social media, channels for denouncement, protest, and discussion are open to practically everyone. On […]

Morocco: The First Constitutional Monarchy of the Arab World »

By Sofia El Otmani After crossing half of the world to be in Willamette University, I have discovered that being the only Moroccan here is a unique and very interesting experience. Not only do I get to see the surprise and amazement of people when I describe how it is to be from Morocco, but […]

The Despair of the 43 Students from a Mexican Point of View »

By Kassandra Saltos As the article, “One year ago, 43 Mexican students were killed. Still, there are no answers for their families,” points out, it has already been a year since 43 innocent students disappeared and neither the parents nor the entire concerned society has received any certain news about what happened to them. It has been kept […]

The Calais “Jungle” Needs Help! »

By Emmanuelle Schopp I am Emmanuelle and I’m the French language assistant at Willamette this year. For my first contribution to the WWN, I would like to tell you a bit more about my country, France, and what is currently happening there. I have thus decided to talk about the refugees’ terrible living conditions in […]

Können wir das schaffen?? Jo, wir schaffen das! »

By Anne Schwobe Dear WWN readers, My name is Anne Schwobe and I am working as the German Language Assistant at Willamette this year. I am happy to share some important news from my home country with you and I hope you enjoy reading it. For the first entry I chose a very current and important […]

The Wild and Wonderful World of Japanese Vending Machines »

By Shotaro Kumano In Japan, trend and culture have been changing quickly. Convenience machines, or vending machines have also been evolving. There are vending machines everywhere in Japan. As you can see in the article, “The Wild and Wonderful World of Japanese Vending Machines,” vending machines are essential for people in Japan, and not just to buy a drink but […]