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Myth of the American Dream


By Guadalupe Torres

My name is Guadalupe Torres, I was born in California and I also recently graduated from Willamette University with two majors: Spanish and Latin American Studies. Even though I was born in the United States I am proud to say that my first language is Spanish and my cultural background is Mexican.

As a Latina born and raised in the United States I have been exposed to several events and political topics that negatively target and hurt Latinas/os in the United States. One of those topics that is currently prevalent is the topic of immigration. The topic about immigration in the United States is not something new; it has been present since the early history of this country. Throughout the history of the United States there have been several immigrant groups that have been targeted. Most recently the group that has been targeted are Latinos/as in the United States. But it is important to know the reasons why many Latin Americans decide to leave their country, leave their family behind, and put their life on the line to come to the United States.

One of the most common perceptions of why several Latin Americans immigrate to the United States it is to achieve the American Dream; to provide a better life for their loved ones. Providing a better life for their loved ones is a reason, but there are many reasons why many decide to immigrate. One of these reasons is because of the many policies that the United States has implemented and still implements in Latin American countries. These policies cause several problems to Latin American countries such as but not limited to political instabilities, economic downturns, poverty, and violence.

The following news article, “19 Reasons Latin Americans come to the US that Have Nothing to do with the American Dream,” gives some polices that the United States has implemented in several Latin American countries and how these policies have forced several Latin Americans to immigrate to the United States.

/!\Please note: the statement made in these articles do not reflect the view of Willamette University or the countries of the respective contributors./!\

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