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Archive for December 4th, 2015

Transcending Cultures: the trifles of internationals at Willamette »

Greetings, The topic for the next issue was given to us by one of Willamette’s anthropology professors, Professor Vandehey and gives us insight into the experiences of international at Willamette. As international students, you have undoubtedly encountered and experienced many situations on campus that seem shocking, inexplicable, odd, or even funny. Take a moment to reflect […]

A Mexican/American experience as an international student »

By Kassandra Saltos When I first decided to come to United States to be part of an exchange program, I did not think that I would have much culture shock since I believed I was well aware of American culture. When I started school here I was honestly really nervous about making friends, living with […]

Taking a Step Back While Moving Forward »

By Gesa Musiol History is never objective. The act of recording events, in writing, audio, visual form, or film always presents a certain version thereof by choosing what to focus on, what to leave out, and which words to use. The knowledge of the fact that history is mostly written by the survivors, the winners, […]

(Building Community) Hours »

By Lucía Baigorrí Haüen It is quite common to say that much of non-Americans’ knowledge of the United States is (mis)informed by mass media products, however that does not make it any less true. In my case, the entertainment industry has been a great source of education that has shaped much of my understanding of American life […]

What Makes Willamette Weird »

By Emmanuelle Schopp This year working as a language assistant for French at Willamette University is actually my first time on a campus outside of my country, France. This new experience is very interesting, enriching, surprising, and fun, but also at the same time sometimes rather “weird” and challenging because it is so different from […]

Living in Two Cultures »

By Guadalupe Torres As a Chicana I practice the Mexican culture but I have also been exposed to the United States’ culture and have encountered several differences that have been a shock to me. These differences have been difficult to grasp because it can be said that I am living in two different worlds.

A Moroccan In A Bistro »

By Sofia El Otmani When I first arrived at Willamette University, one of the first buildings that I visited was the Putnam University Center and the Bistro inside of it. I still remember the way the Willamette students first described the Bistro upon my arrival: the Bistro is warm, comfortable, and instills a wide variety […]

“Wie, du hast noch kein Hauptfach…???” »

By Anne Schwobe Before coming to Willamette, I was really excited to go back to the States since I had already lived abroad for a year and a half. Therefore, I thought I would be sort of prepared for most cultural differences. I was excited to come back, enjoy free refills, yummy brownies, and meet […]

Cross-Cultural Experience »

By Shotaro Kumano 1. Opening the door for the next person: People on this campus always pause to open the door for next person. In Japan, sometimes people do this, but not so kindly. I think one of the reasons for this is because Japan has automatic doors everywhere. So, we don’t get the chance to open the […]