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Archive for March 3rd, 2016

Pop Culture Around the World »

Greetings, We are happy to introduce our first issue of the spring semester! For this issue, we recognized the influence that pop culture has and how unique it can be from country to country. We gave our contributors an opportunity to dive deep into their respected country’s current pop culture topic of their choices whether that be […]

It’s All About That Kale… »

By Anne Schwobe I have to admit that this issue’s topic was a little harder than others. When I first read, “pop culture”, I did not really know what to write about, nothing really came to my mind right away. But after thinking about the term for some time and “making up” my own definition, […]

Chic Cumbia »

By Lucía Baigorrí Haüen It’s been interesting to search my cultural hard drive for a current token of Argentine pop culture that falls outside the mate-soccer-tango holy trinity. Having spent almost 6 months out of my country, I started feeling slightly unfit for the task. Naturally, I turned to the Internet for help. Going over […]

Fashion Culture of Japan »

By Shotaro Kumano Fashion is very important for Japan because it is one of the best ways for Japanese people to express themselves. Fashion trends change in an instant every year and Japanese people are very attuned to it. College students, especially, focus on fashion.

Morocco »

By Alia Razid First things first, presentation time! Well, briefly, my name is Alia and I am a Moroccan exchange student from Al Akhawayn University. This is my first time in the U.S and I can say that the culture shock I was expecting didn’t really happen, or at least not as strongly as I expected it […]

Mexican culture in the United States: Cinco de Mayo and Día de los muertos »

By Guadalupe Torres As a Chicana, I have grown up in a Mexican culture environment, ranging from but not limited to parties, food, events, and music. I have also seen how the Mexican culture has been influencing the US culture from language, food, music, literature, amongst others. And it is not only the Mexican culture […]

Fête de la Musique »

By Emmanuelle Schopp Bonjour à tous, For this issue of the WWN, the topic to be discussed is “the pop culture in your country.” Well, I have to say that I find it a very difficult topic because it is very broad and encompasses so many different things — hence my difficulty to find what […]