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Equality: a Japanese perspective


By Shotaro Kumano

Equality requires that all kinds of people, tribes, and countries are fair in every way. That includes discrimination and war, things that gives people pain which shouldn’t exist in this world. Sadly, some people still discriminate, so that’s why there is still such war and disparity in each country.

In general, people like us says “equality is important” and “we are all equal” — we have some notion about equality. We know the surface-level of equality through TV, news, and classes in school. In addition, we have some deeper knowledge about equality. However, at the same time, people don’t think that much about equality, or inequality, in real life. So we don’t notice that people are unequal and life is not fair for each person. We know someone is starving but has no food. We know someone has no money to live. We know someone is struggling due to discrimination. But we usually don’t do anything. We just say “it’s a sad thing.”

There are some reasons for that. First, we can’t live like them because we have already experienced a good quality life. Second, we are satisfied with only some knowledge without action, which is to help other people who are struggling. And, finally, we are lazy. If people like us exist, the world will never be equal.

Each person has many opinions about equality. In my case, I think it’s quite a good word. If all of us has enough knowledge of equality, we can change the world in good way. Humans have been working hard to make an ideal, equal world. And we are also going to continue working hard. I already know that I’m not doing anything for an ideal world. I’m also one of the people who make this world unequal. I hope to not be like that person in the future.

“Equality” is very ideal and easy to say, but at the same time it’s very difficult to achieve. So the thing what I really want to say is, equality is ideal but it could be that we never achieve it. However, we can still try to improve with actual action.

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