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The Meaning of Equality


Thanks for checking out our second issue of the semester! This issue’s prompt was contributed to us by Professor Allison Hobgood from the Willamette University English department and Women’s and Gender Studies Program:

From world news media to Willamette’s own campus, we hear all kinds of talk about “equality,” “equal rights and opportunities,” and even “treating everyone the same.” As international students especially, you likely have different, wide-ranging ideas about what equality means. How do you define the term? What does it mean to you? What are some examples—local and global, good and bad—that come to mind when you think and talk about equality? How might the notion of “equity” (a focus on fairness and justice via remedies to redress historic injustices that have prevented or diminished access in the first place) impact your ideas about equality? How are these two concepts in conversation with each other? What can we learn when we consider them together?

We hope you enjoy reading about the some different perspectives on this very prevalent topic!

Lara, Brie, and Kazu

The WWN Editorial Team

/!\Please note: the statement made in these articles do not reflect the view of Willamette University or the countries of the respective contributors./!\

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